IF15W - Whats to come?

IF15W - Whats to come?

Dec 1st 2020

Wanted to spend a little time answering a few questions that have been asked a few times and now we have an official answer from SMJ/Infinity.

Q - Who will be making the tires? 

A - Matrix will be making the spec tires (35F & 37R) but there will be a SMJ part number (SMJ5501-35 & SMJ5502-37)

Q - Who will be making bodies?

A - SMJ is producing two "diablo" like bodies.  One with a closed cockpit (SMJ1406) and one with an open cockpit (SMJ1407)

Q - When will these cars be available?

A - Production on the car is already underway and SMJ/Infinity announced shipping of this car in the middle of December.  This doesn't mean Wallace Motorsport will have it middle of December though.  We are going to wait for the IF18-2 as well and should have both cars by middle to end of January.  We will update people if things change.