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Dave Vera Chassis Focus - Modified at Valkaria

Dave Vera Chassis Focus - Modified at Valkaria

Nov 3rd 2020

(TQ)Chassis Focus:

Driver – DAVE VERA

Chassis – Infinity IF14-2

Motor – HW G3 5.0

ESC – HW Xr10 Pro G2

Batteries – Team EA 6000mah 7.4v

Tires – GQ 36 V5(handout)

Radio/Servo – Sanwa/Highest

Bodyshell – Jconcepts A-one Prototype

Stuff to talk about: In compare to the Stock car, Dave choice to use the Optional (PRS) to improve steering. The overall setup on chassis flex is also more (Soft) without using the center post. A extremely soft 1.1mm rear sway bar was used to maximize rear traction. The body was also mounted 4mm more forward than stock for more steering. The car had a amazing pace from beginning to end.