NTX 1.1 Nitro Touring Car Kit (European Champion)

    Part Number: NTX

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Newly Crowned European Champion!

WRC Racing welcomes it's newest addition to it's expansive line of luxury cars. The NTX 1/10th Nitro Touring car is here to change the game. This car is definitely one to please your eyes, and contains the ability to win right out of the box. The vehicle utilises a 3mm 7075 aluminium chassis with a 2.5mm carbon fibre upper deck and a composite rear bumper and diffuser unit for increased suspension protection and improved aerodynamics. The suspension parts are of a symmetrical design to reduce the number of parts needed to carry to races and an innovative floating radio plate design ensures optimised chassis flex for both high traction and improved steering response. The front steering spindles and rear uprights are of a multi-piece design to allow fine-tuning using optional parts while ensuring maximised rigidity and included in the kit is also WRC’s “spring-less” magnetic brake return system that provides a free-spinning drivetrain. The kit is rounded out by a set of composite gears for the front differential and metal gears for the rear diff which results in a low weight and high durability. 

Options for the NTX include

- Sliding 25g Centre Balance Weights that attach to the chassis below the fuel tank. WRC03376


-Front Carbon Chassis Plate to tune chassis flex WRC03371


-A selection of various sway bars and springs for added tuning

WRC03398-5 1.5 Spring (stock)

WRC03398-6 1.6 Spring

WRC03398-7 1.7 Spring

WRC03327-3 Fr Anti Roll 2.3

WRC03327-6 Fr Anti Roll 2.6 (stock)

WRC03327-8 Fr Anti Roll 2.8

WRC03378 Rr Anti Roll 2.0

WRC03378-3 Rr Anti Roll 2.3 (stock)

WRC03378-6 Rr Anti Roll 2.6


-Hard Suspension Arms

WRC03313-H Front Arms Hard

WRC03328-H Rear Arms Hard


-Light Weight Aluminum Clutch Bell WRC03381