WRC NTX Diatta 4th &  Melvin 6th at the 2018 GLC

Ben Wallace, Great Lakes Challenge, Hot Race Tires -

WRC NTX Diatta 4th & Melvin 6th at the 2018 GLC

The annual Great Lakes Challenge race, held in Toledo Ohio took place from Aug 20th-23rd this year. Wallace Motorsports had drivers representing in every category attending the event.  In 1/10th Nitro DJ respectively took the TQ and Win using Hot Race. Diatta Collymore finished 4th and Melvin 6th over all with their WRC NTX's.

Also featured was the growing 2wd 1/8th pan car class, which had great support from many drivers.Big Boss Mr. Ben Wallace was able to make it out and get some wheel time and was greeted by the many new faces of the Wallace Motorsports Racing Family.

Thanks to this gentlemen for going out of his way to support us! Just plain Awesome. 

Hot Race Tires were all through out the pits, seemed to be a common choice among many racers. And they were all smiles!

Dj Apalaro was able to TQ And win Sedan using Hot Race Tires!

Steve Pitts ran his NTX 1.2 for the first time this race and was out there really looking good on the track. He ran great all through out qualifying, and was able to bump from the C main into the B main. 

Melvin Aulston and Mikey Mike had a close race going in the B Main with their WRC GTX's. Melvin started on pole but had an early mishap, which eventually caused him to miss the bump. Mikey ran a consistent race but suffered with some tuning issues.


Overall we had a bunch of fun and we can't wait till the next one. The positive energy is definitely noticeable in all the photos. Even with the weather putting a shortage to qualifying guys were still in a great mood.