WRC NTX 1.2 Aulston 3rd at US Nitro World Cup 18’

WRC NTX 1.2 Aulston 3rd at US Nitro World Cup 18’

After Qualifying at this year’s event, Melvin Aulston was able to clinch a 5th place starting grid position for the A final with his WRC NTX 1.2. Melvin ran a flawless final finishing a respectable 3rd place against to worlds finalists.

Wallace Motorsports was there in full force with trackside support for their drivers and customers

Mikey Mike did an excellent job as usual in mechanicing and ensuring that things went smoothly through out the race.

Chris Verano & Ryan Nimori from our west Coast division, came out in full force bumping in to the 1/8th open A-main with their GTX 1.4

Chris Verano’s GTX 1.4 mantained by Ryan Nimori 

Diatta Collymore ran 1/8th Open after a 3 year hiatus. His GTX 1.4 ran flawless all week and had him in a direct qual position for the A final.

Daryl Jones put in a great effort In 1/8th masters and Bumped from the B final, representing Wallace Motorsports in the A main.