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Brian Thomas, Hot Race Tyres, Ielasi Tuned, New 2018 Ielasi Engine -

Congrats to Brian for sticking it out in the 30 min final and making the podium at Fontana CA’s very own SCS Speedway. Wallace Motorsports team was in attendance. Driver Vincent Jackson after a hiatus from Racing, made his return. Breaking in a new Ielasi Tuned US Spec .12 WC through out practice and quals, Vincent ended up Bumping from the Bmain into A final. Diatta Collymore qualified 3rd with his WRC NTX 1.2 for the Nitro Sedan a Final. Chris Verano and race mechanic Ryan Nimori were able to get their GTX 1.4 direct into the Open main starting 8th,...

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Daryl Jones, Hot Race Tyres, Ielasi Tuned, Melvin Aulston, New 2018 Ielasi Engine -

Melvin Aulston finishes 2nd place with his WRC NTX 1.2 & Wallace Hot Race team driver Chay Blount 3rd at this weekends Midwest Series in Toledo. Congrats to everyone that came out to Participate including Wallace Motorsports very own Daryl Jones in the 1/8th masters class. Great Job!!

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.21 Offroad, 3.5cc, Buggy Motor, Hummer 5T, Hummer 7TV2, Ielasi Tuned, Ielasi Tuned Hummer, New 2018 Ielasi Engine, Truggy Motor -

Ielasi Tuned have introduced their new Hummer 5T and 7T V2 nitro off-road engines. Starting with the Hummer 5T, the newly developed engine was designed with optimised run time in mind, ensuring exceptional mileage while providing amble power for a variety of track layouts and conditions. As for the updated Hummer 7T V2, the 7-ports power plant received an updated backplate for increased bottom end power while retaining the top speed and mileage of the previous version. Both engines are available now.

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