Diatta Collymore wins Caribbean Nationals with NTX 1.2

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Diatta Collymore wins Caribbean Nationals with NTX 1.2

The Caribbean On-road Nationals were held at the Barceloneta Speedway in Barceloneta, Puerto Rico July 14th-16th.

Wallace Motorsports attended the event with Drivers Melvin Aulston, Juan C Aguirre and Diatta Collymore.

Aftter qualifying Diatta Collymore was able to TQ Nitro Sedan, setting a new track record with his WRC NTX 1.2. Juan Aguirre added to the result by getting another WRC into the A final starting 5th.

n the 45-minute 1/10th 200mm Nitro Sedan A-main it was TQ holder Diatta Collymore with the win, a narrow three seconds in front of Andy Baez with the decision only going down in the final lap. Felix Ortiz ended the main on the 3 spot, some six laps down, as Reymon Melendez and Norberto Rodriguez rounded out the top 5 results. Juan ran into trouble with traffic in the early stages of the final and retired early.